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First Woman’s garden. That good woman makes a garden and she lives there with Ahdamn. I don’t know where he comes from. Things like that happen, you know.
So there is that garden. And there is First Woman and Ahdamn. And everything is perfect. And everything is beautiful. And everything is boring.
So First Woman goes walking around with her head in the clouds, looking in the sky for things that are bent and need fixing. So she doesn’t see that tree. So that tree doesn’t see her. So they bump into each other.
Pardon me, says that Tree, maybe you would like something to eat.
That would be nice, says First Woman, and all sorts of good things to eat fall out of that Tree. Apples fall out. Melons fall out. Bananas fall out. Hot dogs. Fry bread, corn, potatoes. Pizza. Extra-cripsy fired chicken.
Thank you, says First Woman, and she picks up all that food and brings it back to Ahdamn.

Talking trees! Talking trees! says that G O D. What kind of a world is this?
“Did someone say food?” says Coyote.
“Sit down,” I says. “Boy, this story is going to take a long time.”

So that good woman brings all that food back to Ahdamn. Ahdamn is busy. He is naming everything.
You are a microwave oven, Ahdamn tells the Elk.
Nope, says that Elk. Try again.
You are a garage sale, Ahdamn tells the Bear.
We got to get you some glasses, says the Bear.
You are a telephone book, Ahdamn tells the Cedar Tree.
You’re getting closer, says the Cedar Tree.
You are a cheeseburger, Ahdamn tells Old Coyote.
It must be time for lunch, says Old Coyote.
Never mind that, First Woman tells Ahdamn. Here is something to eat.

Wait a minute, says that G O D. That’s my garden. That’s my stuff.
“Don’t talk to me,” I says. “You better talk to First Woman.”
You bet I will, says that G O D.

So. There is that garden. And there is First Woman and Ahdamn. And there are the animals and the plants and all their relations. And there is all that food.

“Boy,” says Coyote, “that food certainly smells good.”
They can’t eat my stuff, says that G O D. And that one jumps into the garden.

Oh, oh, says First Woman when she sees that G O D land in her garden. Just when we were getting things organized.


Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King (via dewottsunglasses)

Probably best book ever… (top 5 for sure)

(via dewottsunglasses-deactivated201)

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